The Youth Of Today, The Leaders Of Tomorrow

Posted: June 15, 2016

The Tiso Foundation, a self-sustaining public benefit organisation established in 2001, is an organisation set on making a lasting impact on society by creating opportunities for talented, underprivileged youth of South Africa.

This is an organisation that is giving meaning to the Millennials, the game changers of tomorrow.

Shift was tasked to develop collateral to celebrate Tiso’s 10-year anniversary with a gala event as well as a coffee table book to pay tribute to a decade of developing and investing in South Africa’s youth. It was as important to showcase Tiso’s workings as it was to communicate Tiso’s real, human impact.

The Tiso Foundation plays a big role toward the development of South Africa – the Millennials who will soon be leading us. But, it’s the personal stories that truly capture the impact this organisation has had on the lives of others. ‘A decade of changing lives’ became the ‘big idea’. What better way to celebrate 10-years of the Tiso Foundation than hearing 10 beneficiaries share their personal stories? Shift showcased 10 of Tiso’s success stories at the gala event and also used them as a golden thread in the coffee table book to celebrate the heart of the organisation. The kind of leaders who will reign tomorrow start with the investments we make today, something the Tiso Foundation holds at its essence.