Mine Water Today. Drinking Water Tomorrow

Posted: March 9, 2017

With predicted water shortfalls of 40% by 2030, clean, fresh water represents the greatest global, societal and economic challenge we’re yet to face

It’s the reason water preservation is a critical focus across all Anglo American partnerships moving forward. Through continued research and collaboration, Anglo American is working on new ways to not only recycle and conserve water, but in some cases, even create it.

The Emalahleni Water Treatment Plant is one such example, the plant treats mine-impacted water to produce potable water for the Emalahleni municipality.

At this year’s Mining Indaba stand, together with brand design agency Shift Joe Public, Anglo American highlighted their commitment and vision towards becoming a net water contributor in all their partner communities by 2025 by demonstrating how Anglo American is planning a solution towards water conservation.

Shift Joe Public’s strategic concept and creative execution led to an interactive stand that was a simple demonstration of reverse osmosis, taking dirty mine water, neutralising and desalinating it to create safe, clean drinking water for delegates at the Mining Indaba to enjoy.

Empty Anglo American branded water bottles were distributed to delegates on the day, inviting them to fill their bottles with the newly “cleaned” water at the stand.

In addition to the company’s centenary celebration, the bottles were also used as a vehicle to highlight 100 key partnerships over the past 100 years. Partnerships which have built Anglo American into the company it is today. The 100 bottles could be seen as a complete part of a 100-year timeline displayed on the stand.

Agency Credits:
Client: Anglo American
Agency: Shift Joe Public
Designer: Amori Brits, Wanda Priem, Sonia Dearling, Mark Modimola
Creative Director: Simone Rossum
MD: Terri-Leigh Cassel
Writer: Claudette Browne Storrar
Consultant: Kgomotso Maposa
Production: Manuel Lopez
Stand Build: HandMade